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Nothing beats the satisfaction of a clean harvest or a fresh catch, and you can preserve your harvest in all its natural beauty with Wildlife Artistry. With over 50 years of experience preparing and mounting all kinds of animals—including reptiles, birds, mammals and fish—Wildlife Artistry can turn your harvest into a long-lasting display of your hunting success. To preserve your bagged animal and have it mounted on a stunning display, call Wildlife Artistry today.

What animal do you want to display? Doug knows how to preserve it.

Animal mounts add rustic charm and fascination to any room, no matter the type of animal. At Wildlife Artistry, we specialize in preserving all types of animals and fixing them on mounts that balance and perfect the entire display. Call today for more information about how you can highlight your home or communal space with mounts of all types of animals.

With 50 years of experience and using top-of-the-line equipment, Wildlife Artistry can preserve your animal in many different poses. Call today to create an intriguing display of your harvest’s natural beauty.

Do you know how to take care of your trophy?

Follow these tips and call Wildlife Artistry for
more information

Once your animal is preserved, it will need light but necessary ongoing care to maintain the vibrant, realistic appeal of your display. Consider these tips for caring for your new piece from Wildlife Artistry and call anytime for more information.

  • Keep the mount in a climate-controlled area
  • Avoid placing the mount in direct sunlight
  • Dust the mount frequently

Call and speak with Doug, an experienced taxidermist, about further care for your trophy. If your trophy shows signs of wear and discoloration, call Wildlife Artistry to learn how you can restore the original beauty of your display.

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